Here is how our process works

how it works

Step no. 1 – Sign up

To access our database of thousands of partner websites, start by signing up. Enter your name, email address, etc., to receive your login credentials. After which, you can log in to browse through our database of high-quality, niche websites. 




Step no. 2 – Select the links you want

You can scroll through all the backlinks in our database to see how much each one costs. The cost of the backlinks varies. However, the price includes professionally drafted content. That means regardless of the links you choose; our team will draft content that’s tailored to your website, niche, and to the website where it will be posted. High quality, search-optimized content means that the articles rank, helping you get lots of traffic in the long term. 

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Proffesionaly drafted content

High quality SEO optimized content

Stop no. 3 – Checkout

Once you are done choosing the links, go to checkout and pay for your purchase. After that, our professionals will draft the content for you and post it to the websites you had previously chosen.   

Note: It is also possible to only buy the links by providing your own content. In this case, we will not draft the content for the website that links back to yours. 

It is also possible to buy our content services only. You can choose to use our search-optimized articles on your own website or to market your product or service. Our copywriting service, for instance, can draft copy for your landing page, which helps convert Pay Per Click traffic. 


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