Zentury Spotlight – Google Resolves its News Indexing Disruption

Google Resolves its News Indexing Disruption 

Google claims to have fixed the Google News indexing disruption that has been affecting traffic to content publishers during the previous few weeks.

The trouble with Google News traffic was primarily reported on Twitter, on which John Mueller, Google’s advocate stated that the team is currently working on fixing the issue.

Google has confirmed in its latest update that the problem has been resolved and that no further updates will be posted.

As for the timeline, the issue was noticed on 10th of July, and from 11th to 13th of July Google team has been working on the issue. The notice that the problem was fixed was released on July 14.

To recall, the issue caused some users to notice volatility in Google News traffic, probably because of syndicated content rankings.

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Google Shares How To Restore “Discover Traffic” After It Diminishes

During the July 2023 Office Hours, Google’s Martin Splitt has answered a question concerning what to do when traffic from “Google Discover” traffic diminishes, and offers a  brief summary on what Google Discover focuses on.

Google Discover is a feed where users may find articles that are of interest to them.

In order to expose material that is linked to a user’s interests, Google signals indications of what those interests are. 

Google never released any documentation with specific details on which signals they use to determine a user’s interest.

Yet, it’s evident to everyone who is invested in Discover that one of the signals may be what a user is searching for.

Apart from the evident signals, Google offers few hints to users on how articles may find a way to a Discover:

  • New and evergreen content: Google displays relevant evergreen information, but the algorithm also looks for new content on certain subjects that often require it. For instance, there are constantly fresh advances and interesting themes arising in the worlds of sports, technology, entertainment, and particular products. Recipes, for example, don’t actually vary all that much until a chef creates a fresh take on an old favorite.
  • Putting focus on topic: Focusing mostly on keywords and the semantics of words and not paying much attention to topics could be a potential mistake. Focusing on the semantics of words could be a waste of time. Rather focus on topics of interest.The topics mostly focus on what’s happening in the market and what people are currently interested in. It could be that subjects bring the writer closer to meeting reader wants, which is what Google Discover is seeking.

Although it isn’t reliable, Google Discover may be a fantastic source of traffic. The probability of receiving traffic through Discover may be increased by concentrating on the topic, writing correctly, utilizing a well centered and appropriate picture, and being current.

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CapCut and ChatGPT: Creating AI-generated Videos

ByteDance, the parent company, has made its well-known video editing program, CapCut, available as a ChatGPT plugin.

Utilizing generative AI, the new plugin generates all of the materials required for uploading video content on TikTok and other social networks.

The concept, topic, or objective of the video can be stated in only one sentence or a prompt. But, evidently, the more specific and thorough your request is, the better the results will be.

Bringing CapCut and ChatGPT will allow you to get your desired video and they shared following steps on how to use this combo:

  • Determine the video theme or voiceover script
  • Confirm video attributes
  • Generate the video
  • Get the video link
  • Edit and download the video

For ChatGPT users, the recently launched CapCut plugin displays an impressive fusion of AI capacity with a user-friendly interface, streamlining the process of creating videos for users of various skill levels.

Users may create entire films with features like narration, soundtrack, and a variety of graphic components with just a one-sentence request.

The CapCut plugin is a useful tool to investigate whether you’re a seasoned content maker looking to automate certain steps in your workflow or a newbie attempting to get into the world of video production.

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Google Shares Tips on How to Improve Your Business Reputation and Trust

Google shares on a Google Merchant Center a checklist for companies to use to create legitimacy, transparency, reputation management, and professional design in order to increase consumer trust.

Improve Your Business Reputation

The recommendations focus on four primary areas:

  • Business identity:
    Avoid any confusion between your registered business name and domain name by using the official business name you use on the internet.

Include a “about us” page on your website to demonstrate your sincerity and share your special story with visitors.

Inform them that you have social media profiles they may follow, and provide links on your website to those profiles.

  • Transparency:

Be precise and give thorough details about all of your policies, especially those relating to shipping, refunds, and privacy.

Be open and honest about your operating procedures and company concept.

  • Online reputation:

By explaining how to use your items or how others have used them, you may better educate potential buyers. Display customer feedback and endorsements for your goods and company.

Make sure to indicate any badges or seals of approval you’ve gotten from recognized third parties.

Make sure your clients are aware of how to contact you and how your customer care is organized in order to clearly express how they may engage with you.

Make sure your consumers are informed whenever you write a blog or if your company is referenced in an article.

  • Professional design:
    Install an SSL certificate to reassure clients that their private information is safely collected and kept without being accessed by hackers.

All visitors should be able to access your website, and it should be simple to browse without containing any pointless redirects or redirection to broken links.

Do not use placeholders for text or photos; this suggests that the website is incomplete.