Cheaper Is Not Always More Affordable: Risks of Using Fiverr for SEO and Link Building

Using Fiverr is a popular strategy to connect with buyers and sellers of digital services. The platform started operating in 2010. Since then, Fiverr has earned its popularity for offering cheap and seemingly convenient services to users. 

Explaining it briefly, we can say that Fiverr is a meeting point for both customers and freelancers. If you decide yourself for SEO services, marketing management, etc., you can surely find something of the sort on Fiverr. 

Logically, cheaper does not always mean more convenient or affordable. Keeping this in mind, Fiverr does not have any ranking criteria or check-ups – anyone can become a freelancer there.

Thousands of people gather around to offer their very cheap freelancing services on the platform. Actually, the name ‘’Fiverr’’ comes from the usual price of services one can find there – five dollars. 

For this reason, Fiverr has taken part in numerous scandals which happened due to cheap and bad services. Knowing this, it might not be so convenient to opt for Fiverr’s services, when one deals with business matters. 

That is why we decided to write this article. We will delve into some potential dangers of using Fiverr for SEO and link building services. 

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Why Using Fiverr For SEO and Link Building Might Not Be Such a Good Idea

Unreliable Sellers

The platform gathers around thousands of sellers and freelancers. Fiverr truly is a melting pot of everyone who earns money online or remotely. 

Among those people, a big part of them does not have the capacity, nor skills, for the jobs they do. Accordingly, you surely should be prepared for working with unreliable sellers. 

Also, it is quite common to encounter sellers on Fiverr who promise to deliver millions of backlinks at ridiculous prices. You can see pictures of such offers below. 

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1 million high-quality backlinks for 5 euros? Or 5 million at a price of 20 euros? Anyone with basic knowledge about SEO will understand these offers with a pinch of doubt. 

Poor Quality Work

We already mentioned that Fiverr is an open platform. This means that there are no special requirements for offering one’s services on the platform.

Visiting Fiverr to hire SEO and link building services, you risk running into a person who might not be competent for providing such services. There are many people who become active on the platform in order to try to earn easy money. 

Using Fiverr for Potential Scams

Performing no controls over its users, it is always risky to start negotiating business via Fiverr. There is always a risk of a potential online scam

It might happen that the seller will just disappear with your money, without finishing the job. 

Black Hat Techniques

Black hat seo technique 

Even if you run into a potentially trustworthy person, that is not a guarantee that the services will be satisfactory. 

Numerous cases have been recorded where spammy links were used for link building. Also, many freelancers have a tendency to use black hat techniques to finish the job.

We call them ‘’black hat’’ techniques for a reason. Those are unethical practices which seemingly can improve Google rankings in a quick way. Once Google recognizes this, the search engines will heavily downgrade the website.

Being aware of such risks, this is another reason why Fiverr should not be your first option.  

Miscommunication and Language Barriers Using Fiverr

Language barriers and miscommunication pose another great issue. Being so easily accessible, people from all over the world offer their services on Fiverr.

Many of them only speak their local languages. With the use of Google Translate and many other translation technologies, this can be easily hidden. Such communication problems pose a risk of producing some unwanted issues and service problems. 

Limited Refunds and Dispute Resolution

Money always talks. The primary reason why customers use Fiverr’s services is because of cheap prices.

However, you need to be aware of the fact that there can be problems with refunds and completing transactions. 

On many occasions. customers were not satisfied with their services, yet they had problems receiving their money back.

Poor Customer Support

We suppose that all of us have had problems with customer support. Also, it is very familiar that customer support does not always give the best support. 

However, when money and services are in question, customer support always needs to be at our disposal. Fiverr’s customer support seems to work on the hit-and-miss principle. You can never be sure what kind of an experience you will have with it. 

There have been many situations when both customers and users had complaints about poor customer support. 

Problems with Pre-Packaged Deals

One of the main issues when we talk about Fiverr are pre-packaged deals. 

You are surely here because you want to know more about SEO. We can never stress how important it is to link your website to other websites which are equally important. 

While offering link building services, many freelancers on Fiverr will offer pre-packaged deals. This means that they have the same product package for all their clients. 

So, they might do the link building services targeting the audience that is not even relevant to your niche. 

Knowing this, it is always better to consult a professional.

Is Using Fiverr Worth You Time and Money for SEO and Link Building?

Link Building

We devoted this article to informing our SEO lovers about potential risks of using Fiverr. Communicating with hundreds of people daily, we could notice that cheap and affordable services play a big role while deciding over whose services to choose. 

Be sure to know that cheaper does not always mean more affordable and convenient. If you opt for Fiverr’s services once, and are left dissatisfied, you will lose both time and money. In this business, time is money. You cannot afford missing out on good deals with new customers because of Google’s downgrading points. 

Finally, paying for expert services will always bear fruit. Real, registered, and verified SEO companies will charge extra money for their services, but you can be sure that the job will be completed with a high level of professionalism.

Also, working with verified companies outside of Fiverr will leave room for additional customization and personalization. A verified and professional company will always cater to the needs of their customers. This is always a priority. 

In our opinion, then, if you want to complete some serious work, search for companies who do not look for their customers on Fiverr. You will surely be more satisfied at the end of the day. 

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