Zentury Spotlight – Google Reveals New and Upcoming Innovations on Annual Google I/O

Google Bard Expands Globally and Adds New Features

Bard, Google’s experimental generative AI tool, is receiving a number of changes. Image capabilities, coding features, and app connectivity are some of the new features.

When Bard firstly launched, two months ago, it was only available for the users in the US and the UK. Now, Google is removing the borders for Bard by allowing access to more than 180 countries. With the global expansion, Google Bard has in plan to support 40 languages, including Japanese and Korean.

Google has also recently upgraded Bard to PaLM 2, which will significantly improve the bot in advanced mathematics, reasoning and coding. 

With the new changes, Bard will step up its game in the competitive market. One of the improvements will be incorporation of the image capabilities, which will allow you to research, for example, landmarks in a particular city, where Bard will provide you text-based responses including rich visuals.

You will also be able to upload images to your prompts, alongside the text. By integrating Google Lens into Bard, the bot will be able to identify and analyze images and give you the answers you have been asking for.

As for enhancements for developers, Bard will make changes which will include more precise source citations and a new dark theme. It will also include an “Export” button which allows users to export and run code with Replit, Google’s partner. Google is, as well, launching two more export actions, which will allow you to easily transfer responses to Docs or Gmail. 

Annual Google I/O

Google Reveals New and Upcoming Innovations on Annual Google I/O

Yesterday, on May 10, the biggest annual event for developers and consumers, Google I/O 2023, was held where the latest innovations from Geogle were announced. 

Apart from its major announcement, Android 14, there were several other noteworthy announcements:  

  • Google Search: New update is coming to Google Search, called AI snapshots. By choosing to use Search Generative Experience (SGE), you’ll get extra context from AI-powered replies that appear at the top of some search results. With follow-up questions, you can focus the data and narrow it in the snapshot. 
  • Google Home: Starting from May 11, the Google Home app will be available to everyone with significant updates like an improved camera interface, a new Favorites page, and increased device support.
  • Google Perspectives: To give users a human perspective in answers, Google Search’s new Perspectives will use information from a variety of websites, including Reddit, Stack Overflow, YouTube, personal blogs, and more.
  • Google Photos: An AI editing tool called Magic Editor will be available in Google Photos. It can edit pictures by removing background subjects, brightening the sky, and repositioning items. Later this year, a limited number of Pixel users will have access to early access.
  • Duet AI: Duet AI is the new tool Google is using for Docs, Sheets, Meet, Slides and Gmail. It includes features like composing new emails and generating images from text in Slides. 

Google I/O is the conference where Google announces new products and gives a sneak peek at what’s coming, so many of the updates are just about to happen.

Annual Google I/O

Microsoft Improves Bing and Edge with Enhanced AI

Microsoft is on the mission to improve Bing and Edge with enhanced AI, multi-session experiences, visual capabilities and third-party developer integrations.

With the intent to transform its Search capabilities, Microsoft is launching the next generation of AI-powered Bing and Edge. Some of the most important elements of the next generation include:

  • The transition to Open Preview is eliminating the trial waitlist to users who were on Limited Preview.
  • The search experience will be enhanced with more rich imagery and videography with multimodal support.
  • Single-use chat and search sessions will be transformed to multi-session productivity experiences, having chat history within Edge.
  • Developers and third parties will be allowed to build on top of Bing, which should be helpful for users to take action on their queries and finish tasks.

Microsoft is opening possibilities for developers by collaborating with OpenAI, with the goal that their skills revolutionize search. Microsoft is eager for everyone to try out the new versions of Bing and Edge, with the promise of gathering feedback and making quick adjustments where necessary. With that being said, Microsoft will make weekly changes according to most frequently requested updates.


Google Shares Tips to Accelerate Website Indexing 

In a recent Google SEO office-hours Q&A session, one of the website owners was concerned about the slow indexing of his sixteen thousand-page site. Google’s expert, Illyes, shared his opinion on this matter mentioning the factors that are influencing the indexing speed.

He clarified that several factors influence the indexing speed, but the most important ones are the quality of the website and its popularity on the internet.

If you forgot that the content is the king in the SEO world, every SEO expert will mention it to you at least once a day. So, it is nothing but logical that the indexing speed also depends on the content quality. 

In this case content quality is a broader term, including website’s layout, design, page speed and integration of images. All of these elements contribute to the better user experience, which in the eyes of Google is crucial for assessing the quality. So, keep in mind that Google’s crawlers prioritize high-quality content when indexing your pages.

Apart from content of the highest quality, Illyes recommends social media promotions to drive engagement and discussion that will start conversation about your websites.

So, according to Google, two factors should not be neglected if you want to fasten your indexing process and improve search engine rankings, focusing on high-quality content and increasing social media popularity.

Annual Google I/O

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