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We write product descriptions that sell your product in more ways than one! If anything, these are not your average product content descriptions! Product Content Writing Services boost your sales!

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Keep readers hooked – The art of selling a product is down to retaining a reader’s attention. That’s why we make sure that every line of text tells the reader how it can help them. Search optimized descriptions – Your product(s) will not sell if people can’t find them. That’s why our team will optimize them for search engines. Easy to read – All product descriptions are written in easy-to-read language and formatted for additional ease. Maximizing your PPC traffic – Our product content writing service will ensure that every click is maximized if you are running PPC advertising. That means our descriptions stand a much higher chance of converting. Want to know how our product descriptions help sell your product? Contact us today to discuss what you need.

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Dedicated project managers – Your content or, in this case, product descriptions are managed by a project manager. The manager handles publishing, deadlines, and revisions. They are your point of contact for everything. 

Customized process – You tell us what you need, and we will adapt the process to what will work best for your business. 

A large team of seasoned writers – We have a large team of editors, writers, and web developers who work as a team to deliver your project. All you need is to tell us what you want or send us a list of products, and we’ll handle the rest. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed – Even though our product descriptions are always ‘right on the money, you may require revisions; in that case, we have you covered too. Please give us feedback, and our team will tweak your product descriptions accordingly. 

Why Do Professional Product Descriptions Matter? 

It is estimated that 20% of failed purchases are due to inadequate information about the product. That is why eCommerce stores and individual sellers need to ensure that their product descriptions are written carefully to convey all relevant information. 

The product description should be strategic, not off-the-cuff. In our experience writing hundreds of product descriptions, the best ones are personalized to the ideal buyer and speak directly to him.

We Weave In
An Emotional Element

It’s also important to include relevant details and provide a punchy emotional hook for the readers. If your description can appeal to potential buyers on a personal level, it can turn them into buyers and even advocates for your brand. 

The key to drafting winning product descriptions is to know your target audience and what they’re looking for. Then help to identify the most compelling features and benefits of your product which are highlighted in the description. 

SEO-Optimized Product Descriptions

When it comes to writing product descriptions, incorporating SEO guidelines is crucial for online success. The first guideline is understanding the importance of SEO in product descriptions. Optimizing your descriptions helps search engines recognize and index your products, making them more visible to potential customers.

This leads to the next guideline, which is conducting thorough keyword research and implementing those keywords strategically within your descriptions. By identifying relevant keywords related to your products and incorporating them naturally, you increase the chances of your products ranking higher in search engine results.

Moreover, writing engaging descriptions with SEO in mind is essential. It involves creating compelling and informative content that not only appeals to search engines but also entices and educates your audience.

Emphasis On Benefits 

Consumers are more interested in benefits than features. That is why, unlike regular product descriptions, we elaborate on each feature as a specific benefit. By doing this, we are making sure that those reading the product description are compelled to at least try the product. 

Interestingly this approach has worked wonders not just for software and SAAS products with free trials but various other products like drones, smartphones, etc. 

Product Descriptions That Build Brands 

Your product description should reflect the image of your business, aka your brand. 

If you don’t have an established brand voice, we help ascertain one and then stick with it to make the product descriptions more appealing to potential customers. Consistency of voice is one of the keys to drafting a product description that helps establishes a brand. 

It is essential to mention here that it isn’t businesses that sell products, but it is brands. People trust and distrust brands, so you need to build trust and image as a brand, which is where professional product writing services can help. 

We Using A Winning Format 

The format of your product description is also essential. Often, shoppers will scan the text of a website and only read the headlines. That’s why we have found that it is better to use bullet points than long sentences or paragraphs because these styles are more digestible. 

We also need to use headlines that are descriptive and yet interesting to read. 

Crafted For Search Engines 

Using keywords in the product description will improve SEO, essential for boosting sales. Our professionally drafted descriptions will improve your sales by helping your product rank higher in search results. 

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Don’t let your products languish in stock when improving their description(s) can help you boost sales significantly. Allow our professional product content writing services to help put your product in front of potentially hundreds of buyers, who will convert because your product promises all the benefits they expect from it. 

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